Minty & Tigress
Tigress yawns and stretches as she steps out of her basket, she is just a bit cold, she looks over and sees that Minty is asleep in his kennel. She quietly walks over to him, she watches him, he is so cute when he is asleep she thinks to herself. Just then a gentle breeze flows past her and she shivers, "Oh I wish the humans would remember to close the windows at night," she says.

Gently she steps into Minty's kennel as not to wake him, he is asleep on his back tonight. She lies down beside him and wraps her arms around him as he sleeps. Instinctively he scenes her presents and stirs only for a moment to wrap his arms around her as to protect her from the outside world just as she places her head on his chest and begins to purr softly into his ear.

The night passes by hour after hour as this most unusual of couples sleeps wrapped in each otherís arms. Minty wakes in the night to find his kennel mate asleep beside him and begins to lick her in the face as she sleeps in his arms.

Sleepily she opens her eyes and begins to lick him in the face as well. They giggle softly and Tigress brushes her head against Minty's chest lifting her face she shakes her head a bit.

The couple is about to drift back into sleep but not before they look into each otherís eyes and whisper, "I love you."
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