Well the day was almost over and as I tried to make my way out of the crowd people kept asking me for my autograph! I felt so honored that people would actually think that I was part of this amazing cast. {Earlier while I was in the ladies room a girl looked at me and said, “Shouldn’t you be backstage for the second act?” I laughed and felt honored, I thanked her and told her that I was just a fan.} But anyway, I had to keep telling people that I wasn’t in the show and that I was just a fan like they were. And the little kids were so disappointed. I felt bad but I wasn’t about to take anything away from the cast. I told Munkustrap that I thought I was just as popular as he was and he said, “Yea I think you are too,” and we laughed and I said my good byes and told the cast and thanked them for coming to Dallas and for a breath taking performance.

My Mom had already made her way threw the crowd so I went to find her. When I did she was talking to this really cute guy {She’s always finding the cutest guys to talk to, I’m so jealous.}  Well anyway when I got to her she said, “Peggy take his picture!” And she asked him if he would mind if I took his picture and he said, “Sure that’s fine but why don’t you take our picture!” So I asked him who he was and he turned out to be Matthew Kiernan, a swing. He’s from New York and he is so sweet. We talked to him for a little while and I told him about Musicals.net and told him, and some of the other cast members, like Jarrett, to come back to the forum because we all missed them very much.

Well that is the end of this VERY long trip report. It’s almost a week later and I’m still feel like I’m walking on air. It took twenty (20) years for me to get to see CATS and I wasn’t disappointed.

I’d like to say thank you to the cast of CATS for giving me such wonderful memories of my very first time to see the show. Thank you, I love you all.
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