And then it was time for Macavity. During that number Rumpleteazer and Sillabub came over to the side of the stage where Mother and I were. They lay there watching Demeter and Bombalurina sing about the “Napoleon of crime,” I watched both them and Bomby and Demi. And at different times my Mom said that as I was watching the stage the kittens were watching me! And I noticed that while Demi was singing her part Alonzo came out and danced behind her copying her moves.

As I said before I LOVED the Mr. Mistoffelees number, it was so much more expressive than Jake’s was in the video. (Sorry Jake.) McCree did a wonderful job dancing around the stage and giving life to his character while at the same time gave us all the chance to see the magical cat at work. As he did his number Victoria came over to our side of the stage and tried to play with the lights as the flashed. She was so adorable!

By this time the show was coming to an end. Grizabella was chosen as the cat who would go on “to a different Jellicle life” and Old Deuteronomy told us that cats are very much like us. During that number Mistoffelees kept looking over at me, then every time I would try to acknowledge him he would look away and pretended not to see me. He was so cute.

At the end of the show the cats came out one by one and jumped across the stage or danced, they all did something different. Then some of them started coming down into the audience and when Victoria passed by me I held out my arm to her and she kind of grabbed my hand, it was so cool. Then when she was about to make her way back to the stage I held out my right arm to her again and she came by and put one hand on top of my arm and one hand underneath my arm and ran her hands down the length of my arm and while she did that she crinkled up her cute little nose and shook her head!!! I was so excited and she was sooooo cute!!! OH and Skimble peeked out from behind the curtain and saw that my Mother and I were in the front row and he ran out and, shook his tail at me again, like he had before, and then quickly ran behind the curtain! And the guy who plays Gus came to the edge of the stage and acknowledged me too. It was so cool.

Then just at the end of the show Tugger and Bomby come out and he was trying to flirt with her. She pushed him down and walked on his chest and ran off, stopped at the end of the stage and then he chased her off the stage.  By
that time the show was really over and I told my Mom that if we went out the side door we could get to the stage door faster so we hi-tailed it to the side exit and sure enough we got to the stage door and we were like right in front of it.
Clerical Cat called out to me to “come here” so I was like “no you come over here” so she come over and took my picture. And when the crowd saw that she was taking my picture they started taking pictures of me too!

A couple of minutes passed by and the crowd had grown so a lady come out and said that the cast was eating but that they would be out shortly. Then in a couple of minutes David Blonn was the first one out followed closely by most of the guys and they were all in their makeup! The night before they came out with out it on but I think since it was a matenay that they may keep it on so they don’t have to do it later. (That is just my opinion so don’t quote me on it.) But anyway I told them all again how much I loved the show and they told me how much they liked my costume.  I got tons of pictures and while Bryce was giving my Mom his autograph he said, “Well I see that you all had better seats this time. Where were you last night?” So we told him we were in the balcony and he said yes we all saw you on the front row. I thought that was really cool that they had actually noticed me. But to be honest it was kind of hard not to when I was in a white costume with pink feathers on the shoulders. I was in my
Victoria Costume.
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