When they got to the stage and joined the others I was so enthralled with what had just happened I began to sing the Deuteronomy song. After about the second line or so I realized that I was singing out loud and quickly stopped myself.

The rest of the numbers were wonderful and I noticed that both nights they had completely took out the “Peeks & Pollicles” number, they went right into the Jellicle Ball and it was amazing to watch. I kept thinking that the stage looked very small but they all seemed to fit very nicely. I guess that sounds silly but that’s what I was thinking.

During intermission I decided that I wanted to go down front and look at the stage since I didn’t have the chance to do that the night before. It was so lovely, all of the different elements that go into making such an elaborate set such as that.  I saw two different high heel shoes, two tennis rackets, and one with a string of pearls looped threw the holes in the racket. No doubt this was something that Mungojerri and Rumpleteazer picked up on one of their nights out. Perhaps they are the missing “Woolworth pearls” as mentioned in the Mungo and Teazer song. There was an old t-shirt dress, a brass headboard for an old bed. The tail end of a car whose license plate number was “NAP 11A” and an old stove which was the place from which Jennyanydots made her appearance to the audience. And of course there was the tire, which Old Deuteronomy (Jarrett Alí Boyd) sat on during the whole intermission. I held out my arm to him just as I had before and he closed his eyes and nodded to me as he had done before also.

At that time a lady came up to me and said, “I couldn’t help notice you when you came in. Do you by any chance post on the forums?” When I said yes she said, “I’m Clerical Cat.” I told her I was Tigress and we hugged and it was great getting to meet someone else from the forums. I called to my Mom who was at the door coming into the theater and she came down to us and I introduced her to Clerical Cat. Then my mom started joking with us that when the lights went down we should just sit in the first row. I told her that we couldn’t do that because there were people sitting in those sets and they would get mad. She said she knew that but she wished we did have front row seats.  Then as we started to make our way back to our seats two ladies in the front row to the right of the stage started telling my Mom how much they liked my costume and she told them how I had waited 20 years to see CATS live and how she wished she could have gotten me front row seats. So the lady said, “Well no one is sitting in these two seats here, if you wanted to sit there we wouldn’t say anything.” And guess what, THEY WERE FRONT ROW SEATS!!!!!! So we got to watch the last half of the show from the front row. Needless to say I didn’t have to use my binoculars anymore.

Oh I loved every minute of it. I couldn’t believe I was watching CATS from the front row. And you notice so much more when you’re right in front. I got to see how the cast interacted with each other during the numbers. At on point Mungojerrie had his arm on Bombalurina’s shoulder. Other times they just kind of were in their own little worlds. And during Bustopher’s number I noticed that it was Skimbleshanks who disciplined the kittens when they got out of line. During another song Tugger & Bomby were all cuddly. And you could see the different cast members, as they would exit the stage for their next number.
Seeing Skimble’s number up close was great. Instead of laying on top of the car like he does in the video he pulled out the hat that Bustopher had used to sit on. He crawled up on it and lay down with his legs being way to long to stay curled up on the top of the hat. Oh and watching the cast put together that train was amazing. I could see some of the cast members behind the curtain waiting for their cue to come out.
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