Saturday, May 25, 2002

My 2nd day for seeing CATS. The morning started off fine, the only major disaster was that I sat on my glasses and then we couldn’t find an optometrist to get them fixed so I had to repair them with masking tape! You can imagine how silly I looked in full CATS costume and glasses all taped up; but oh well such is life.

Mother and I got to the theater and saw the cast standing outside under the trees watching the people go into the theater. My Mom had a hold of my arm and I said, “Look over there Ma, that’s them that’s them.” We tried to look without looking, you know what I mean. Anyway, we went into the theater and did our best to find out seats. We found them and I was really pleased with them because we were all the way on the right hand side of the theater, aisle seats. I sat on row “S” seat eleven (11) and then there was a row behind me and then my Mother was sitting in row “U” seat eleven (11) so we were both on the aisle where the cast would pass right by us. I LOVED IT!!!

The show started same as before only this time I got to see the cast come threw the back doors of the theater and run down the aisles. I was looking over my shoulder to my left watching the cast run down the aisles and when I turned to look over my right shoulder Bombalurina jumped right in front of me and flashed me with big green glasses!! Then a moment later Tugger ran past and made a motion with his arms about a row and a half in front of me and I whispered to myself, “Tugger!” Then as Bombalurina was about to go on stage she flashed someone in the second row and ran on stage, but I was the only one that Tugger flashed.

The glasses were black with large circles that flashed green, they so were cool.

As the night before the show started and it was wonderful. During “The Naming of CATS” the cast started to make it’s way down to the audience.  I watched as Skimbleshanks made his way down to the second row and very carefully sniffed the person who was sitting there. Then he rubbed his head up against who ever was sitting there.  The cast roamed around for a bit the made their way back up to the stage.

After the Mungojerri & Rumpleteazer number it was time for Old Deuteronomy to make his appearance. I watched as Munkustrap motioned to Skimbleshanks to go and help the Jellicle leader. Skimble hesitated for a moment as if the say, “Are you sure you want me to go and get him?” Munkustrap just kind of motioned yes and Skimble ran down the side stairs and scurried past us. 

I knew the pair would be coming right past us so I started looking over my right shoulder. Sure enough I watched them come threw the back door of the theater. I glanced at the stage for a minute and when I looked back I saw Skimble rub his head against my Mom’ s head!!! Then as they began to walk past me I held my right arm out to them for the traditional Jellicle greeting and Old Deuteronomy very very slowly nodded his head at me and closed his eyes then very slowly opened them again. Skimble was holding him by the arm and by the hand and when he saw the Jellicle leader acknowledge me he looked at him then at me then at him then when he looked back at me he came up to me and we rubbed heads like Alonzo and Munkustrap do in the video before Jennyanydots number. I was so in awe, then when they barely got past me Skimble shook his butt at me and I just laughed.
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