Then as I was getting everyone’s autograph I said, “I want to meet David, Bryce and Karl.” And they said, “Right here,” so I was like, “Where, who are you?” and he said, “Bryce.” So I said, “Hi I’m Tigress from the forums.” And he was all like hi it’s nice to meet you and he said he recognized my name! Then I looked up by the door and pointed and said, “David?” and when he said yes I told him the same thing I had just said to Bryce and he said the same thing Bryce had just said. So I asked them if I could have my picture taken with them and they said sure so they hugged me and my Mom took two pictures of us. (Always take one extra picture in case the first one doesn’t turn out.) So anyway I stayed there for a few more minutes and got some autographs and I told the cast members who were there that I had wanted to see the show since I was 12 years old and they asked me how I liked it and I told them I loved it and how much I appreciated them coming to Dallas so that I could see them. Then as I was making my was out of the crowd my Mom was taking a bunch of pictures of this really cute guy (they were all cute!!!) and when I got over to them she said, “Peggy he’s in the show!” So I asked him who he was and whom he played and it turned out to be Karl Warden! So I asked him if I could have my Mom take a picture of us and he said sure so she took a couple of us together.

Needless to say that I was walking on air!
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