Midnight Magic 4
By: Victoria
The school bell rang class was dismissed! Victoria seen Misto waiting for her. He walked right up to her. Misto turn towards her. He grabs her hand and kisses it he says "Well my beautiful Queen were shall we be off to.” Victoria smiled she replied, "I am thinking my favorite place. Guess!" Misto thought, "Well I am not really good at guessing games, but I think I have an idea! It is Baby's Coffee House, Am I correct?" Misto had a slight worry on his face. "Well Of Course the one and only!" Victoria laughed. Misto grabbed her paw and they road of to the coffee house.

It was dinnertime when they had walked in the door. Baby walked over to them, and handed them their menus. Victoria opened it up and looked down, and read what they had.

1: Tuna Salad ~$1.50
2: Tuna Sandwich ~$1.00
3: Meow Mix ~{2 scoops~$3.00} $2.00
4: Big Fish Salad ~2.00
5: Pork Meat ~$4.00

SIDE DISH ~$.50 each~
1: Salted Pork Slices
2: Graved Chicken Bone
3: Sliced Pieces of Noodles

1: Berry 'n' Bird Pie ~$1.75
2: Mint Brownies ~$.25
3: Pecan Pie ~$.50

1: Fishake ~$2.00
2: Cappuccino ~$2.00
3: Pepsie ~$.50
4: Mountain Dew ~$.50
5: Sprite ~$.50

Victoria read it even though she new what she wanted. Misto did the same. "Well I know what I want." Misto said, "Me too". Victoria had agreed.

Baby came around and asked what they wanted. Victoria replied "Baby how yea doin?!" "Fine!" "Well I would like a tuna fish sandwich, and a fishcake." Then Misto replied, "Yes I will have the same!"

It was hours before Victoria and Misto left. They had the greatest time. They both loved it when Karaoke started up. Jemima had an Angel Voice, and so did Tigress.

Victoria and Misto stood at Vikkie’s doorstep. They both were holding paws. "Misto I had the greatest time of my life". Misto smiled, "Me too. Maybe we can go out every Friday." "Oh Misto I would love that." Victoria had a huge grin on her face. She gave Misto a kiss on the cheek and said bye as she ran inside. Misto also said bye and walked dreamily down the street. ~ The End
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