Midnight Magic 3
By Victoria
Exotica wasn't badly injured. She had a few broken bones, but she was okay. Every one swarmed Cassandra to find out what had happened. Of course Cassandra loved all of the attention. "Well every one was in a pyramid, and well it ah fell, and Exotica went tumbling down. Yes I was worried." Cassandra had the 'I don't care voice'.

Asparagus's had had ached. He could remember the scrub, scrub. Up and down. Over and across. He now had an enemy. He wished that Coricopat had never told the lie.

Mungojerrie had then got a new name attached on to him. The Jellicals began to call him Mean old Jerry!

Victoria couldn't wait it was finally Friday, and she was going on her first date. Victoria didn't want to tell Misto that it was her first date. She was afraid that he might think she was a dork. So Demeter gave a few dating lessons. The main one Victoria kept in mind was 'Stay cool'. Victoria sat down on the table of the cafeteria. Electra and Etcetera sat down in one of the chairs. They gossiped about oh many things, but it was the first they didn't say much about Tugger. They mostly tried to stay low about their accident at cheerleading tryouts.

The bell rang all of the cats went to class slowly.

Tatomile hid in the janitor closet. She was planning on skipping class. The night before her mom wouldn't let her go and get a cappuccino, and she was wanting one so bad. She waited for around ten minutes behind the door. She was sure classes were in section. She opened the door, and tip toed out of the door. Once she got out she jetted to Baby's Coffee House, were they made only the best cappuccino.

"Okay class. "Miss Grizabella stood up at the old chalkboard. "Know we are going to do simple math today!

We are going to do exponents." The class groaned as she gave the page number out.

About an hour later the school bell rang and cats scattered everywhere. Then they all had ended up in the cafeteria.

Tatomile walked in with a smile on her face. A cup in her paws. She sat down and had her hamburger.

Cassandra sat around telling today’s class gossip to the Toms, and Queens
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