Misto neatly folded the note and headed back to class. Tigress sat next to Pouncival. He smiled and bought her lunch. At first Tigress protested, but in the end she gave up. The bell rang for lunch. The cafeteria sounded like a buzz of bee's.

"Change of plans cheerleading try outs today.” Cassandra yelled It out loud to where every one could hear.

Asparagus was out side scrubbing the walls. He so bad wanted to hurt Coricopat.

Rum Tum Tugger sat near by. Not far from him was Electra and Etcetera. Watching his every move. The bell rang the cats scrabbled back to class. "I had Pre Algebra". Munkustrap had growned. "10,9,8,7,6,5..." Pouncival was counting the seconds left of school. The bell rang and every one left.

It was time for cheerleading tryouts the freshmen lined up in a roll. “Okay queens we are going to do our pyramid okay” Cassandra had exclaimed.

All of them had placed their selves in their places. Exotica got on top and began a cheer."Ah my back itches.” Electra said to Victoria. Electra reached back and tried to scratch. Right then the queens were in a heep. Exotica was sent to the hospital. She was badly injured her paw had fell on a piece of glass.

Some went to the hospital and some went home. Some were waiting at school to hear he gossip.
Part 3

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