Midnight Magic 2
By: Victoria
The alarm clock was lowed against Tigress ear. She woke up and yawned as she stretched her arms out. It was around 5:00 o'clock. Tigress leaped out of bed and picked out her fashionable close. She sat them on the bathroom counter. She took a shower and got ready for school.

Victoria was up at 5:00 and ready to head out the door at 5:30.School didn't even start til 8:30. She was angry because she got up to early. She sat down next to her nightstand, and finished the letter to Misto.

Electra and Etcetera switched turns and stayed the night at each other’s house. This time Etcetera stayed with Electra. They stayed up all night and talked about Rum Tum Tugger. They were so tiered they could hardly even keep there heads up.

Victoria headed of to school. She sat down in the cafeteria, and she held the note in her hand. Misto sat down next to her at around 7:45."Hi Misto. I wrote you a note. Thanks for your note. I loved the poems.” "Your welcome. I gotta go help some people with there homework. They didn't do it again. I guess I will sit next to you at lunch". Misto turned and walked away. As Misto was walking away Victoria said good-bye.

Old Deuteronomy walked in the schoolhouse with a frown on his face. Not far off Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer sat there trying to hold in the laughs as he walked pass him. “Every one quiet! On the schools stone brick wall is me made fun of. Who in heavyside did it?” No one had answered, but the school snitch ran up to him and said that he knew. Old Deuteronomy brought Coricopat in his office. “Okay then who made fun of me!" Old Deuteronomy was furious. Coricopat stood up and announced it was Asparagus. "Asparagus come to my office NOW!!!!"

The bell rang and classes had begun. Misto was not paying any attention to what the teacher had to say. He was drawing hearts and putting I Love Victoria in them. Misto rose his and, "Mrs. Jennyanydots can I go to the rest room?” “Yes Misto you may". Misto really didn't have to go, but he had to read Victoria's letter. He opened it and unfolded it. I was a letter of red color. It had the smell of Victoria's beautiful scent on it. The letter was written in a bold print. He read it to his self.



Misto I will Love to go out with you. How
about going to Baby's Coffee House. I love that place, and the rich taste of their cappuccino, or their fishcakes. I was hoping you would ask me. I loved the poem you had wrote for me. See you soon

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