September 3,2002


Hi Vickie what's happening I wanted to write you, and well I made up a poem about you and your beautiful face.
‘You see the beauty of the world,
Through eyes of unalloyed content,
And in my study chair uncurled,
Move me to pensive wonderment,

I wish I knew your trick of thought,
The perfect balance of your ways;
They seem an inspiration, caught
From other laws in older days.’

Victoria will you go on a date with me next Friday. Your pick of where we eat.

Victoria looked up from her note. She held it close to her chest, her eyes became dreamy.

"Have you herd? Cheerleading tryouts next week after school.” Cassandra (the senior snob) past out the flyers about cheerleading. Demeter cupped her hands over Bombalurina's ear, and whispered; “she thinks now that she is the cheerleading captain she rules the world". Before Bomby could make fun of Cassandra the class bell rang.

The Jellicle cats worked hard and the bell rang for school to be out.

It was about time for Victoria to go to sleep. She began to write the letter to Mistoffelees.
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