Midnight Magic I
By Victoria
Electra and Etcetera sat down that morning in the high schools cafeteria. They sat in the angle were there would have the perfect view of the hot Senior Rum Tum Tugger. Victoria sat next to them. She wasn't paying any attention to Tugger, and his butt. She read through her algebra math work. Victoria looked up and saw that school was soon to start and she had better be getting her books picked up. They were everywhere on the table. Electra looked over at Etcetera and said in a dreamy voice. ''Tugger is so hot." then Etcetera look at Electra, "ya your right. He also has a dreamy butt!" Victoria glanced over at the two queens. "You two are just sick." Victoria let out a giggle as Misto had past by her. Victoria just new Misto liked her. She hoped that he would ask her to the prom.

The class bell rang and Jellicles made there way to class. Pouncival sat near by in the hall. He was doing his best to impress the Queens. He really tried to impress the newest queen. Pouncival looked up from having his eyes on Exotica, and his chin dropped once he saw Tigress walking down the hall. The junior had followed Tigress to her classroom. He made up a plan so he will be able to talk to the young freshman. He ran right in to her! "Oh I am so sorry. Are you okay? By the way I am Pouncival." "Ya I am {Tigress looks up} f-f-fine”.” And...What is your name?”

"My name? Oh ya it's ...it's. ah it's Tigress ya that's it Tigress." "What a beautiful name. I love it.”

Pouncival picked up the books and carried them to class for Tigress. "Bye Pouncival hope to see you at lunch." Pouncival raced out the door to class.

"Partner in crime?" "Forever and always!” Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer raced over to the schools stone bricked wall. They shook up there spray paint cans and nice and neatly sprayed there principle’s face on there and made fun of him in ways you couldn't imagine. Mungojerrie looked up at said "A way to spray fun of some one.” The two laughed and laughed. They soon had left. They really didn't want to get caught.

It was lunchtime queens and toms sat down
and eat there lunches. Every one of them had a conversation about them. Some gossiped and well some didn't. "Oh Heavyside! I am swamped with so much work. I have four pages of math to do. Mrs. Jellylorum needs to chill on all this math work!" Plato started to hit is head on his algebras book.

Alonzo walked next to Jemima. They both were holding hands. Jemima looked up at the food bar. Pancake can you get me an apple juice?" Alonzo looked at the freshman and smiled. "Sure baby any thing for you"

Victoria sat down and opened her lunch bag. "Any one want a sandwich from Baby’s Coffee House. I bought two tuna fish sandwiches and well I am not hunger. I will eat one sandwich, but the other one somebody else can have." Jemima sat next to Victoria she looked up at the white queen. "I’ll eat it". Victoria handed the sandwich to Jemima and she sank her teeth in it. Misto walked by and handed Victoria a note. It was nice and neatly folded. Victoria looked up and Misto was gone. She opened it up and read it to herself in her mind;
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