What you will need:
Large Christmas lights
Cup hooks
(possibly an) electric drill or screw driver
Ladder or step stool

This is the simplest of all the decorating because you can go out and buy large Christmas lights. And depending on the area you live sometimes you can find Christmas lights all year round which is great.

Try to buy the largest light you can find. A common mistake that most CATS fans tend to make is that they use the small twinkle lights. The actual lights are 40 watt chandelier lights that look like flames and are chemically dipped into the appropriate colors.

The process is super simple. Use the drill or screw driver to start holes for your cup hooks then screw the hooks into the ceiling. Obviously using the ladder or step stool then all you have to do is drape the lights around your room.
(Above) Actual strand of lights from
the Broadway stage.
(Above) Actual bulb from the Broadway stage.
<-- Candy Drop Lights from K-Mart.
The picture to the right are those yard stakes that you put out at Christmas.

As you can see the light to the top right is larger than the usual Christmas lights but the closeetst you can come to it are a set of
5CT BIG BULB C-STYLE LIGHT SET for $7.94 I found at Wal-mart. They are the only set I've found that are the same size as the actual lights from the show. The ONLY diffeence is that the ones from Walmart have a rounded head and the ones from the stage
have a pointed tip.
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