My Letter to Sir Cameron MacKintosh
This is the letter that I wrote to Sir Cameron Mackintosh before CATS closed on Broadway on September 10, 2000 in an attempt to save the show. If you would like to have your letter posted e-mail me and I'll post it.
September 1, 2000

Dear Sir Cameron Mackintosh:

I am writing to you not only on my behalf but also for the thousands of fans who have not yet seen CATS live.

After being on Broadway for eighteen years it is understandable that everyone has taken CATS for granted. Therefore, closing it would seem to be the most logical solution; what CATS needs is a more aggressive marketing strategy.

To me, it seems as if CATS has been neglected in terms of both marketing and advertising. There are hundreds of ways to put CATS back on the market and at the same time either fill the Winter Garden Theater or a smaller theater off Broadway. I have enclosed a copy of my web page entitled "Merchandising Ideas," and on this page you will find many of my e-Groups' ideas for marketing CATS. These ideas include a wide variety of items, such as computer games, Halloween Costumes, makeup kits and makeup manuals. These ideas are original ideas from myself, known as Tigress, Miss Kathleen Kelle, Miss Veronica, and Miss Margarta D. AKA Gricabella.

My belief is that if you would employ these ideas and perhaps move CATS to a smaller theater off Broadway it would thrive again.

So many of the shows fans are not only small children, but teenagers who save their money to attend the show or they to literally beg their parents to even make the trip from where they live to New York. This was so in my case, but my parents did not have the money for such a trip and therefore I have never seen CATS live. Now at thirty one my life long dream of seeing CATS is quickly fading even as I write this letter.

Sir Mackintosh I beg you to reconsider closing CATS for good, not only for myself but for the hundreds of fans who have never been to Broadway. My heart is aching as I write this letter and the tears are beginning to flow. Please, "Let the 'Memory' live again," not only on or off Broadway but in the tours as well.

Merchandise Ideas

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