Part 2
Three weeks later Kevin and Kelly Ann arrived in New York so they could start rehearsals for the new CATS Tour. Choreographers Richard Stewart & Samantha Carver welcomed the new cast to their first day of rehearsals. They started by having everyone introducing themselves and telling a bit about their background.

While they were all sitting in their large circle Kelly thought back to the first time her and her mother had watched CATS on PBS, it seemed like a lifetime ago. And now here she was, at age nineteen sitting in her first day of rehearsal for the new CATS tour. And then it was her turn.

ďHi, Iím Kelly Ann Swartz, Iím from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and Iíve been a CATS fan since the first time my Mom and I saw it on PBS.Ē ĎThere, that wasnít too bad,í she thought as she listened to the rest of the cast introduce themselves.

As the day progressed everyone was given their part. Kelly was chosen for the role of Etcetera and Kevin as now playing Quaxo & Mr. Mistoffelees.

For seven days & nights a week Kevin and Kelly Ann  attended rehearsals and on their one day off a week they went sight seeing & went to different on and off Broadway productions. And since the company owned an apartment building they were only a couple of doors down from each other.
They were getting closer and closer as each day passed and Kelly realized for the first time that she was in love with Kevin. And little did she know that he was falling in love with her too.
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