Kevin smiled as big as he could and gave her a wink as they walked into the kitchen. In his hands he carried a large mailing envelope. As he walked in Kelly’s eyes lit up. “Hey Greg,” he said as he shook Greg’s hand and as he did they gave each other a ‘father-son’ hug. Then he went around and to Kelly Ann and hugged her and gave her a quick peck. As he did she noticed the envelope and asked him what was in it. “Oh they’re some new head shots, would you look at them and tell me what you think?”

As she reached into the envelope she pulled out two sets of stapled sheets of papers. “What’s this?” she asked. Then as she began to scan them she started to scream. “I MADE IT!!! MOM I MADE IT! AAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!” As she screamed Kevin picked her up and swung her around the large kitchen, and Mary & Greg began scanning the two sets of papers. “Kevin?” she questioned & handed one set of papers to Kelly.

As Kelly began to scan threw what she thought was her contract her eyes grew wide and she screaming again. “Kevin, why didn’t you tell me you auditioned?”

“Because I wanted it to be a surprise if I got in.” He said as he slipped his arms around her waist.
It was Greg’s turn to ask a questions and he jumped right in. “But you’ve been in the show before. Why would you think you wouldn’t be able to get in?”

The slender but muscular young man didn’t take anytime to think about his answer. “Well it’s been almost four years since I was in the show and there are always people who may be better dancers than I am. But the fact that I had been in the show already did help.”

Mary just beamed as she hugged her daughter and her boyfriend. “Well we’ve gota celebrate you two.”

“Yes that’s a perfect idea, I’ll call and make the reservations for us tonight.” Said Greg as he also hugged the happy pair.

For the rest of the afternoon Kevin sat at the table with his girlfriend and her parents going over the contract with them. And that night they all went out for a celebration dinner at their favorite restaurant, the new
*Johnny Carino’s* that had just been built.

*{There is a real restaurant named Johnny Carino’s. Here are their
Oklahoma locations..}*
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