Wednesday, June 11, 2003
I dreamed I was in this big house and there was a group of people with me, and Robin & Terri were there too. It seemed like everyone was there to fix up the house. Well anyway someone got a 12 pack of sodas and on the side of the box was a CATS print. Then when you opened up the box there was a large fold out poster of CATS inside.

Monday, July 28, 2003
I had
THE coolest dream last night!!! The first part that I remember is my Mom and I standing in the lobby of, somewhere. I ducked into the ladies room and when I came out my Mom told me that we were there to see CATS! By that time I had figured out where we were. We were at, our local, city auditorium which meant that there were no ‘set’ seats, you could sit anywhere! I grabbed the tickets and ran into the seating area. I ran all the way down to the front row and snagged two seats in the middle section, left had side, isle seats of course. When my Mom caught up to me she sat down beside me and we waited for the show to start.

The lights lowered and we started to look over our shoulders then all these kids started coming from all directions. Kids of all ages too. And on the sides of the theater it was like there were cut out places that had curtains in front of them and they opened up to more parts of the junkyard.  I actually thought it was pretty cool.

But anyway, all these young people started flowing threw the audience and the curtains opened up on stage where there were even more actors! Even in the dream I just kept thinking how awesome it looked. And they had those big wooden spools that they dressed up as ‘junk’. They are the kind the cable or the electric company used that have those huge wires wrapped around them.

So while my Mom and I sat there a lady came and sat beside me with all kinds of show notes. I guess she was the director. Anyway we started to talk and I told her what a HUGE CATS fan I am and told her my Mom and I were going to be at all of the performances and I told her that when I came back I was going to be in costume, which she thought was great. Then I asked her if I could have her show notes for my scrapbook and she said, “sure.” How cool is that, I mean even for a dream it’s pretty cool.

And all of the costumes were so varied. All shapes and sizes and colors. Ya know even if it was only a dream I wish I had been there to help with costumes and makeup. OH, and it looked like it was a college or adult production but they had tons of kids in the show. Maybe it was just to add more cats in the audience or something. I don’t know but it was cool, a little cheesy but cool. I wish our city would do something like that for real. I’d be there in a heartbeat ready to go to work and to maybe be in it too. Ya just never know……
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