Jellie Beene the
Glam Jellicle
*In the background* "Macavity Macavity there's no one like Macavity!"

The two sassy queens sang Macavity in the background as the little kittens that were tucked into bed, stared with ahh. "Man", said little Giggebud, "Why do we have to miss out on the Jellicle ball?"

"Because..." Jellie Beene paused for a few minutes in thought, as she tried to remember what her mother Jellylorum had told her. "Because...Well.. Um.. My mom said that we were way to young. She said that Mr. Rum Tum Tugger has some dancing moves that are not good for us kittens to see."

"Well, your mom is full of it." Giggebud said.

"She is not!" Jellie Beene yelled.

"Is too!" yelled back Giggebud. Then they both try to claw each other.

"You two brake it up! I am not going to come in here every two minute! You five kittens must go to bed, and for you two....." Victoria stared at them with an angry look on her face. "Who...," Giggiebud said in an attitudes tone, "Me? If you’re talkin to me, then I don't gotta listen. You ain't my momma!"

Victoria glared at her and said, " Giggiebud you should use correct language first of all, and second I can tell you to go to bed! NOW GO TO BED!!!"

Giggiebud lowered her ears, and slowly walked off to bed. There next to her bed laid Jellie Beene. "Giggiebud are you okay?" Giggiebud looked up and slowly moved her head up and down. "Well Giggiebud... I have a plan. we can go to the Jellicle Ball anyway. All we have to do is sneak in. We can dance, and we already know the song, because remember we sang with Mistoffelees? He's so cute! anyway back to what I was saying, we can have a lot of fun, and what’s the worst that can happen?"

Giggiebud looked up at her," You’re crazy! I double Dude Dare you, to go out there and dance like there’s no tomorrow." Jellie Beene smiled," Okay I am goin out there. Wish me luck!"

"Good Luck!"

There Jellie Beene ran out. She new the song by heart! "Oh well I never was there ever, a cat...So cleaver as the, Magical Mr. Mistoffelees!" Jellie Beene sang, and dance. She loved it, and no one seemed to notice she was a kitten. Sadly they were finished, but gladly the power was on, and Old Deuteronomy was back.

Jellie Beene had a feeling that a cat was watching her, and she was right. Over in the way corner sat......Her mother who was very angry. Jellylorum raced across the floor, and yanked Jellie Beene’s ear, and she had no choice but to leave. Sadly Jellie Beene was punished, but gladly she was the youngest Jellicle to go to the Jellicle Ball. She is now widely known, and all Jellicles love her.

Know Please don't try to sneak into any Jellicle Balls just to make history. Thank You Purry much!>~.~<      

                        THE END
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