Sunday, January 27, 2003
Last night I dreamed that I was going somewhere with daddy (Jerry). I think we were somewhere between Mamaís house on Asalee and the Jiffy on Ridgecrest Road. The new houses, the ones that were being built when I was in Southeast Junior High.

Anyway, I was in the backseat of the car and he was driving. As we passed the houses it looked like they were all one long house with several garage doors. Painted on the garage doors were scenes from CATS and as we were driving by someone stepped outside their house in a CATS costume! I was so excited and told Jerry to stop the car and when he did I jumped out and ran to the house to see the person in costume but they had already went inside and taken the costume off.

When Marziís site is back up and running Iíll find a picture of the person I saw in costume. I only hope itís back up soon so I donít forget what this person looked like.

In any case I was glad to see someone else in Altus as crazy about CATS as I am. J

This is a picture of what the person in my dream was kind of dressed like.
This is a pictures of  someone named Crosswise. I don't know this person but I've posted this picture because that's how the person looked in my dream.

Crosswise, if you need to
e-mail me please do.
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