Sunday, January 14, 2007
Wow, two CATS dreams in a row! Too cool!!! All right well in this one I was here in the living room flipping through the channels. I was checking the online TV guide to see what was on PBS/OETA b/c sometimes on Sunday nights they show “Great Performances” and every so often they’ve been known to show CATS.

So I’m flipping through and all of the sudden I find CATS but not on PBS (channel 13) but on channel 14. It was some kind of Miss Teen, Miss America something line that and they had a whole junkyard set up and the cats on their in their costumes!!!

I grabbed a video and through it in the VCR, checked it to make sure I wasn’t tapping over something, like who would care this is CATS man!!! Anyway I guess I was maybe a teenager or something b/c my Mom was here in my b/r talking to her sister, my aunt Janie and my brother and I were here in the living room but he was like a teenager and IRL (in real life) I’m three years older than he is so I know it wouldn’t change in a dream.

Well anyway I screamed to my Mom that they were on and she asked me to come and change the TV for her in the other room b/c sometimes she has trouble changing it sometimes.  So I ran in there and changed it for her and we all cheered as we watched the cast dance around the stage. I think the girls were dancing with them but I’m not sure. Either way it was really cool.
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