Saturday, January 13, 2007
My first CATS dream of the New Year, not too bad for thirteen days in. *lol*

This weekend we’re having a huge storm; most of the state is under an Ice Storm Warning until 6 p.m. tomorrow night, and this started yesterday!!! (Friday) Well anyway naturally being the weekend nothing is on and since I was woken up by thunder this morning I was so tired that I laid down to take a nap and while I was a sleep I had a short dream about CATS.

Well in this dream my Mom and I were in a hotel in Lawton and for some reason we were upstairs (she hates upstairs rooms) and I had seen a flyer on the bulletin board up on that floor.

So I was downstairs and got to talking to some lady and she mentioned that flyer and I told her that there was one up on our floor and offered to go get it for her in which she said yes.

For some reason I passed through that downstairs lobby instead of going right to the elevator and going up to the room. Well as I passed the large doorway there were several papers tapped to the inside of the doorframe so that people could see them as they passed. When I passed I looked over at them and towards the bottom someone had printed out several pictures of people in CATS costumes (fan made not professional) with a notice that said – “Need help with my CATS costume.” With a short paragraph and an email address.

They were just regular sheets of paper with pictures of people in their fan costumes but they looked cool so I took them all down and said to myself that I was going to email her when I got home. Then I woke up a little while later. Short but sweet. :)
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