January 6, 2005
My first CATS dream of the New Year. Iím always telling Mama that when I become a millionaire that Iím going to build a huge theater so that when the tour cats of CATS is around this way they can stop in Altus and have a REAL theater and REAL stage to perform in; that and the fact that right now the Musicals.net CATS forum is doing our forum casting. I think all of that is what kick started my dream, but whatever the reason Iím glad I had it.

Okay well I guess we were in Ďmyí theater because it was really big and the stage wasnít just a set on stage, it wrapped around the sides of the theater. On the stage part there was the Jellicle Tire and a few other pieces of junk and around the sides it looked like wooden balconies on the right hand side and I think bits of junk on the left side.

I think it was a dress rehearsal because there werenít a lot of people there, and the ones who were there were former CATS cast members. I was standing back in the lobby section because my Mom was out there at one of the tables for some reason and I had told the actor playing Rum Tum Tugger to make his entrance threw the lobby so that he could dance with my Mother. So after he entered threw the left hand door and surprised my Mother he made his way up to the stage where Victoria was on stage dancing and stretching. There was also another cat on stage with her but Iím not sure who it was, Quaxo I think.

Anyway I went up to the front of the theater to sit and watch rehearsals and I sat on the 2nd row besides one of the guys from the show, we sat there holding hands watching the rehearsal and making comments and notes. And one of the coolest things about the show was that it wasnít just the normal number of cast members, it looked more like two or three casts put together because while the main actors were on the stage there were dozens of actors on the side stages. Thatís what makes me think that this dream was kicked off by the forum casting, itís like all of us were on stage with them. It was a very awesome dream and a great way to start off the New Year!

January 7, 2005
This was a very short dream but hey, every dream counts. Iím not exactly sure where I was, maybe a mall or something but I was a teenager and my friends were with me. For some reason my Mom showed up and was angry with me. Anyway, we started up a flight of stared and I saw a CATS Japanese comic book laying on one of the stairs so I picked it up. When we got to the top of the stairs there was a cash register there and I told my Mom that I wanted the comic book and I started flipping threw it.

There were hand drawn pictures of the Jellicle and it was in a ďsepiaĒ color. Not black and white or color but the color was that of very old family pictures or the color that old newspapers turn when they get old. More like light brown and white with Japanese text and the pictures look like the Ďanamieí (sp?) type cartoons that you see now a days.

Well like I said, this was a short dream but it was still a CATS dream.
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