** Has Been Made
24) plushy purses/backpacks (with the plushy as the holder, and it has a zipper usually on it's head...but maybe with these, on the back where the costume would unzip)
25) dishes
26) cloth
27) litter boxes (hehe)
28) pet bowls
29) pet beds
30) a coffee table book
31) an art book
**32) coasters
33) a door hanging
34) wall tapestry
35) flags
36) door mats
37) throws
38) couch pillows
39) I don't just want any wall picture, I want pictures that light up in 3d, and make sound, with stars that twinkle, and a gently breeze blowing through their fur (yes this is possible. I stole the idea from a "bar scene" picture a friend of mine has, and those moving waterfall light up pictures)
40) candle holders
41) wall sconces
42) street signs
43) costuming kit
44) flashing cats eyes light strands
45) fiber optic sculptures

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