Mipyr's Ideas
** Has Been Made
1) porcelain dolls
2) jewelry
3) a bedroom set (pillows/pillowcases, comforter, sheets, curtains, light switch cover, lamp, rug etc)
4) a bathroom set (shower curtain, toilet covers, rug, slip-mat)
5) individual character shirts/sweats/jackets
6) decorative tights and knee highs (maybe black with CATS eyes all over, or styled to look like different characters' legs) pewter sculptures
7) a nifty oversized music box that looks like the stage, with one of those mirror bases so the magnetized cats will dance around. As it would be rather large, it -could- play more than one song
8) up to date calendars
9) video/dvds of different casts
10) car graphics/floor pads/ license plates/bumper stickers etc
11) cell phone ring tones/covers
12) phones
13) dolls
14) video game ideas: we all want a dating sim, maybe an rpg, or even a cats fighting game would be cool or maybe something more like a dancing sim, like DDR, or a puzzle game like pokemon puzzle league.
15) computer covers
16) build your own cat model kit
17) good quality puppets
18) Welch’s jelly jars. They could even have Jelly on them...yeah that was cheesy
19) aquarium backdrop/ornaments
20) dog tags
21) little "cast of cats" jackets made for real cats
22) cat collars and collars for people modeled after the costumed ones backpacks
**23) wallets
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