Grizabella Hand Puppet
by: David Counterman
This is a hand built desiged by David Counterman. And the instructions given were sent to me from him. These are easy steps to building puppets so if you want to build your own you may try to do these.
Step One: The Design
Like most buldings You must start first with the design of the puppet. So I drew the puppet first.

Step Two: Building the Puppet
This step is easy If you know how to sew or glue.
A: The Head - The head Is always the frist thing that pepole see. I carved Griz's head out of foam. Then I adheaive glue for the mouth using carborad and red felt I use a pink felt heart shape for the tounge and plastic animal eyes for the eyes with white felt.

B: The Body - It's like building a small shirt with small arms.

C: Coustume - I looked at Betty Buckley's Griz and designed the outfit out of fur and black material with sequins

The best book that I reconmend to build a puppet is "The Complete Book Of Puppetry" By David

David is also A member Of Yahoo's Group called Club Puppet
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