Cat Tails For Sale

Once and order is placed and processed, if payment is NOT received within two (2) weeks then I will put it up for open sale to the first person who will send in the money for it.
All tails are custom made just for you. Solid colors, strips or multi colors. Length is determined by measuring from your waist to the floor, or desired length.

Long Pile
Braided - Style 1
Braided - Style 2

LONG PILE - 36 inches - $15.00
BRAIDED TAILS Style 1 - $10.00
BRAIDED TAILS Style 2 - [pictures will be available as soon as possible.]
S&H - $8.00

Payment must be made with US dollars ONLY. You may send a check if you like however items will not be sent unlit your check has cleared. I will also accept money orders.

Please include the length, color choice(s) and pattern i.e.- stripes, tip one color
& tail another variegated or whatever. Another option is to have your tail frayed (like the wigs) however that will add an
additonal $7 to your total cost. Also include your name and address. Allow at least two (2) weeks for me to process your order and to get it shipped out.

Also when ordering please put Odering or something simular in the subject line so that I don't delete it w/o reading it.

If you have any questions or are ordering please
E-MAIL ME. Thank you.
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