Friday, February 28, 2003
Last night I had a very unusual CATS dream. Yesterday we all found out that Mister Rodgers died. The dream started with like a news clip of Mr. Rodgers then it faded into a group of CATS singing like a tribute to him.

The were all standing singing something like, ďAnd who --- will ta da banner. Ė And who ta da da daÖĒ Then they all like threw themselves onto the floor and sang some more. It was Cassandra, Munkustrap, Alonzo, Jemima and a few others. And when they were on their stomachs singing Cassie help up a sign but I donít remember what it said. Then when they all went to get back up and start singing again more CATS performers came out but they werenít in costume. Then I woke up.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003
This was a very short dream. I dreamed that I had gone to see a (professional) performance of CATS. But it didnít feel like an auditorium, it felt more like a high school gym or something. Anyway I donít remember much about it except that I had made eye contact with ĎMunkustrapí. Blah blah the scene changes and Iím in a restroom. I believe it was the menís room at that. It seemed that the ladies room was to full so permission was given to use the menís room. Anyway I was just about to walk out when Munkustrap came in. He went into a stall and I started talking to him. Then I was thinking, ĎI donít want to seem like Iím stupid talking to him in the menís room so Iíd better go.í Then the alarm went off. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2003
I donít know why I keep dreaming about Munkustrap but I do. Anyway last night I went to bed singing ďJellicle Songs for Jellicle CatsĒ hoping I would dream about CATS and it worked.

Iím not sure how this dream started but it was Halloween and I was going to get my costume on. And the funny thing was that the guy who plays ďJulian CraneĒ on Passions was there and he was going to dress like Munkustrap too. Too funny. Anyway  I was going around the neighborhoods in my costume and I think my friends daughter was with me. I donít remember a lot about it but I know I had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003
The dream starts out  at night and I was standing in the front doorway of an apartment, or maybe it was a house, I couldnít tell. Anyway as I looked out into the front yard I saw a group of teenagers walk by and they were all dressed up in CATS costumes. But instead of coming to my house the went to my next door neighbors house, the neighbor on my left. And when I saw them walk by I thought it was pretty cool so I walked outside and sat on my porch. Then when they saw me sitting outside a couple of them came over to me. I thought they were out trick-or-treating but they werenít. They were a youth group from a local church and they were out witnessing and encouraging kids to come to their church. Then later that evening I was inside the house and turned on the news and those kids were on the new. Even in the dream I remember thinking how cool that was.
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