Tuesday, February 25, 2003
Since I donít have cable right now Iíve been watching a lot of videos. Well yesterday I watched ĎThe Making of CATSí 3 Ĺ times and the movie two times. So naturally when I went to bed last night I dreamed about CATS. It wasnít anything really big but Iíll write what I remember.

First part. I think Robin (Roberson) and I were going to see CATS or something. We were out in like the lobby of a (movie) theater and we were kinda walking around checking things out. The reason I think looked like a movie theater was because there is a lot of talk about the Ďbig CATS movie musicalí that is suppose to be coming out. Everyone on the forums thinks itís a bad idea but I think as long as they donít butcher it itíll be okay. I mean, movies are what generate not only the hype but also merchandise!!!

Second part, or dream two. I was watching this program and Michael Jackson was on it. And he had this room like a playroom and there was a trampoline in it. So when the cameras went into the room he was jumping on the trampoline and he was dressed like Mr. Mistoffelees with a red cape. And in the dream I was like jumping up to find a tape to tape it on (hehe).

Then in another part of the dream there were some people out side and someone was about to leave on a motorcycle and the person who got on the back of the bike was dressed in a homemade Rumpleteazer costume.

Next Dream {no date}
I had these next few dreams a while back but I never did write them down so they donít have a date to them. But they are still CATS dreams so I wanted to add them.

I dreamed that my Mom and I went to see a performance of CATS and I went in one of my costumes. But when we got there it looked like the performance was going to be outside.

She was sitting way over on one side of the Ďtheaterí and I was way on the other. But when it looked like the show was about the start I ran over and got her and told her that no one was sitting next to me and she could sit with me.

Then the show started like it always does the music & lights & smoke. Then the cast members start making their way threw the audience and making their way to the stage. But the strange thing was was that when they went by they didnít look quite right. Something was wrong but I couldnít tell what. And then it hit me. These werenít professionals; these were fans who got together to do the show. And when they went by were my Mom and I were sitting they grabbed me and wanted me to perform with them. How cool is that?
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