You know which actor played “Fireforfiddle” in the video.

At Christmas time you stock up on large Christmas lights & replacement bulbs just in case one of your strands (or lights) go out.

When your friends call you and ask, “What’s up?” you reply, “I’m watching the video,” and they don’t have to ask which video your talking about.

When you hear a siren and scream, "MACAVITY!" and no one around you is suprised.

You dream about CATS then write them down & post them on your website.

You know which three video cast members are from America.

You paint the
CATS logo on the back of your truck/car.

When someone asks you what nationality you are you say Jellicle.

When they don't beleive you you come back with, "Uuhuh, ask my Mom!"

You love running around in your unitard so much that you paint your pajamas to look your costume.
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