From Tigress
You dye your hair to match that of your favorite cat.

Your up until 3 am chatting to fellow Jellicles in another country.

You are watching your soap opera & you start to wonder what your favorite stars would look like in CATS makeup.

When you see 'Junkyard Wars' in the TV guide you think it's some new take on the Munkustrap/Macavity fight.

You go in for career counseling and the lady says, "Now let's see, your the one who likes CATS right?" {That really happened to me!}

You've had a bad day/week and you decide that you're in desperate need for a CATS fix.

You're Mom says, "I saw a pile of old tires the other day & I thought about you." {My Mom really said that to me!}

When you start your new job the boss asks what name to put on your name tag you give him/her your Jellicle name.

No one in town knows your real name because everyone calls you “Cat”. (Kat – or your Jellicle name.}

When people say how much they like your CATS makeup you tell them that, “this is how I look without makeup.”

You started drawing again so that you could draw
“Jellicle Art”

You go on line to search for pictures of tires & junkyards so you can draw them more realistically.

You sit around thinking of stuff to add to this list!

When the waiter asks you what you’d like to order you reply, “A dish of cream & Salmon paste.”

You make that order while you’re in you’re CATS costume.

You post a message on the
“Monster House” forum & suggest they do a “Jellicle Junkyard.” Then go on to explain to them what it is.

You call the PBS station to ask them when they’ll be showing CATS; then go on to explain to the programming manager the short version of how much you LOVE CATS and how you’ve wanted to see them for years but couldn’t and how you cried when you first saw the show on their channel. (I just did that the other day.)

You can’t spell normal words but you CAN spell Mungojerrie, Rumpleteazer, Old Deuteronomy & Skimbleshanks. (as well as all the other cats names)

You hiss when you see the dog pound truck.

You hiss at someone you don’t like or are mad at.

You can sing the CATS soundtrack in a language you don’t speak or even know!

You print out all the ‘obsessed’ lists just to make sure you’re keeping up.

You’ve seen the video over 1000 times and you can still find new stuff in the background that you hadn’t seen before.

You decide to redecorate your house/room in a ‘junkyard’ theme so you start looking for the latest issue of “Modern Junkyard” magazine and start calling junkyards to see who has the best prices on old tires and car trunks.

When you can’t find the latest issue of “Modern Junkyard” magazine you complain to the manager. Then when he/she tells you there is no such magazine you go home and start working on the first issue.
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