End Tables
End tables are a fun way to decorate in your junkyard. They can be used in bedrooms, living rooms or anywhere a side table is needed.
A quick and easy table can be made by taking an old, or new, metal trash can and it turning it upside down. (right)

For added effect you can add a few extra dents in it or distress it by painting it.
What could be easier than stacking a few tires and adding a glass table top? They can either be the same size or if you prefer tires of different sizes just make sure that the bottom tire is the largest. Then the next largest and so on until the smallest tire is on top. And if you donít like the idea of a glass table top then a wooden one will work just as well.
Bustopherís hat would also make a great side table but I
havenít figured out how to make it yet. [Picture used with permision.]
Then there is always the old stand by of a large cardboard box turned upside down. You can leave it plain or paint it, tape pictures to it or whatever you like. Youíre only limited by your imagination.

Table cloths can be old fabric scraps or what ever you have
laying around. Or donít use any table cloth at all.
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