Junkyard Decorating
Jellicle decorating is all about transforming the space you live in, into a
Jellicle Junkyard. And junkyards come in all different shapes
and sizes depending mostly on your age.

I know that sounds really strange but it does. If you’re a teenager living at
home then you’ve only got your bedroom or possible a basement to
decorate. If you’re an adult and either own your home or rent like I
do then you’ve got more freedom in your decorating.

I hope these ideas will help you in transforming your space into the best
Jellicle Junkyard your able to make and if you have any questions or
pictures of your won personal junkyard feel free to send them to me through any of the message boards. That is THE ONLY WAY I will accept pictures.
Lighting *pictures added*

Walls *picture added*


End Tables *revamped*

Jellicle Moon Prop

Prop Pictures (stuff I made)

Giant Muffin Tin

Oversized Cup

Instructions Comming Soon

My Truck Pictures

CATS Christmas Tree

Pictures Of Junkyards & Props
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