Saturday, December 2002
A while back I dreamed that I was in this hotel and I was running around in my Victoria costume. Someone was running around with me but I’m not sure whom, anyway there were other people there in costume too. Then I went into this, like, gift shop or something and started looking around. I found this jewelry pins that looked like the Jellicles, it was so cool. Then I found one that looked like Mistoffelees and when I looked I saw a little boy standing beside me that had on a Misto costume and I said, “Hey, he looked like you.” And when the little boy started talking to me he started talking in Spanish. I guess working with the English Second Language (ESL) is starting to rub off on me.

Saturday, December 21, 2002
Last night I dreamed that I met this very eccentric couple who liked to role-play. Somehow my mom and I wound up in their house and they were showing me this room where they had all these different backdrops, like the kind they use in a stage or theater play.  They kind of looked like they were on this rotating thing. Anyway while they were going by I thought I saw one that looked like an alley or junkyard. And I was like all wanting to see it, but naturally they didn’t get back around to it for a little while.

Well I guess they finally got tired of me asking, either that or they were just really nice. Anyway the backdrops seemed to, go up into the ceiling or something and the CATS backdrop was revealed. It was so cool, I’m not sure if it was an alley or a junkyard but it went from wall to wall and it was so amazing.

On one side of the room there was like a bookshelf and it housed all of their CATS stuff. There was a newspaper, books, figurines, and just all kinds of stuff. Then on the main wall was like a big screen TV and shelves behind it. The whole feel of the room was dark with spots of light and it felt very cattish. The shelves behind and over the TV were filled with more CATS statues but the CATS were both the ones from the video and London and everywhere else, but there were new CATS. Kinda like ‘the next generation’ or ‘part 2’ or something. And they were all really cool.

Then the host put in a video. It was like a Halloween video, the CATS looked like the stage versions of the characters with all of the new ones added. But they were cat/human like, in other words they were really cat-humans but since it was Halloween night everyone thought they were in costume.

Anyway there was a shot of the front of this house, it was night time and all the cats were starting to run into the house and hissed at the camera as the went by. Once inside the house they had a little human boy with them, I think they kidnapped him. Then there was this little girl Jellicle and she told the little boy something like, ‘it’s okay, once you’ve lived here (x amount of years) you turn into one of them.’

I asked the host what the name of the video was and she said it was called “Victor”.

That’s all I remember of this dream but I thought it was really cool.
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