Part 9
I was lying in my cell when I suddenly heard a noise at my door. I jerked up, automatically yelling, “MACAVITY!”

“Shhhhh, Demeter, shhhhh it’s me, Bombalurina.”

I gasped…could it really be? The sister who I had forgotten had come back to me?! The door slowly opened and I found myself staring at a red and black queen. She was rather tall and had brown eyes. A white “V” covered most of her front and some other back. Her coat as mostly red with occasional back spots or stripes.

“Bomby?” I whispered. The queen nodded. All of the memories from before flooded back. My sister had returned! Tears began sliding down my cheeks. The red queen wrapped her arms around me, embracing me so tightly I could barely breathe. It felt so wonderful…the first time anyone had hugged me with true kindness and joy for the past three years.

“We have to get out of here, Demy!” Bomby whispered urgently in my ear.

“How…how did you get in?”

My older sister gave me a wink. “Let’s just say…I used to have connections with one of the guards.”

I didn’t quite understand what Bombalurina meant by this, but it didn’t really matter…I was going to be free! The red queen took my arm in hers and we dashed through Macavity’s hideout to freedom. Suddenly, a gang of henchrats, plus some cat guards, leaped in front of us. I panicked, but Bombalurina unsheathed her claws and attacked the rats vigorously.

“Run, demy! RUN!” Bomby yelled.

I hesitated…how could I leave my sister? She quickly glared at me and I took off. I was almost outside when Macavity blocked my path. I spun around and tried to run the other way, but he grabbed my arm and trapped me.

“So,” he hissed. “you thought you’d escape didn’t you?”

I stood there, numb with fear. “Let  my sister go!” I turned around and saw Bombalurina standing confidently in front of me, glowering at Macavity. Her coat was torn and stained with blood, but there was no hint of pain in her face.

“Ah, Bombalurina.  I knew you would come back.”

“I’m not here for you! LET DEMETER GO!” Bomby shouted. I could feel Macavity’s fur rise on his arms as he let out a low growl. My sister, with her claws still extended, jumped forward and sunk her teeth into the Hidden Paw’s neck. Macavity released me and hit the side of Bomby’s head with his claws. Her eyes flashed at me and I knew what she wanted me to do.

I ran as fast as I could out of the hideout. The sun on my fur and the air in my face felt so good. Several henchrats dashed towards me, but I unsheathed my claws and forced my way through them, filled with new strength from seeing my sister. One of the rats slashed my side before I knocked him out of the way, but I kept running, fighting the pain, forcing myself on, and hoping Bombalurina was okay.

Suddenly I hit something and fell. However, my landing was soft! I looked down and found myself staring into two blue eyes with black silted pupils. I jerked back and rushed over to a nearby box, trying to put some distance between me and this strange cat.
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