Part 3
Five months had gone by since Macavity catnapped me. Mac had told me all about him… why he was known as the Napoleon of crime, who he expected of me, and many, many other things. The worst part was that Macavity was planning to do with me. He wanted me to work for him – to help his vile henchrats and do his bidding. Even more horrible, Macavity would make me his mate when I became a cat.

I tried in vain to escape, but was always caught by the guards, evil cats like Macavity. His head henchrat, Stalker, taught me how to steal things When I resisted him, he would tell Macavity and then the Napoleon of Crime would punish me… sometimes digging his claws into me, others by taking away my food.

The worst part was at night. Occasionally, Macavity slept next to me. Most of the time, however, I was all alone, trapped in the dark, cold cell. I longed for someone… anyone… to talk to… someone kind and caring who would listen t me. Even more, I longed to be back with my sister again… I hope Bombalurina was all right.

Everyday was torture. The loneliness, the pain, the fear, the starvation… I often wished I was dead. An earlier episode the Stalker flashed into my mind.
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