The large tome slinked forward as I cowered below him. “Well, well, well,” he half-hissed. “What have we here? So you’re the queen Bombalurina was talking about. You must be her sister, Demeter.” My body was uncontrollably shaking with fear as I stifled a scream. His cold black eyes stared at me as he spoke. “You’re perfect.”

“Per…per…perfect fo…for what? And who are…who are you?” I asked hesitatingly, dreading the answer.

“You ask who I am? Didn’t your dear sister ever tell you about me?”

I shook my head and edged closer to Bomby’s body, hoping she would wake up soon.

“I am Macavity. As for what I want you for, you’ll find out soon enough. But first…”

I barely saw the long claws swing at me. I screamed as I felt them dig into my neck and yank me forward. Something hit the back of my head and darkness surrounded me.
Part 2

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