Demeter’s Fear
By Demetrix
Part 1
“Bomby!” I called impatiently. My older sister had promised she would show me around the docks,  where she always found fish for us. My black, yellow, and white tail trashed behind me as I licked my orange paw and washed my fur for what seemed like a millionth time.

Just then I was about to drag Bombalurina out of the rotting barrel, she crawled out of our den. “Are you finally ready?” I asked.

We had almost reached the docks when Bombalurina suddenly turned to me. “Demeter, you have to promise that you will stay with me. Don’t go exploring. You don’t know what kind of dangers could be around here.”

“I promise.”

Bomby squeezed my paw and we continued onto the docks. The smell of fish and other water creatures was very strong. I thought I saw a lean tom dart behind some boxes piled on the side of the dock, but couldn’t be sure.

My red sister gave me a short tour of the docks and taught me what to avoid. I wished I could have looked around myself and gotten some fish, but remembered what I had promised.

Bombalurina was heading towards a fishy smell while I paused quickly to sniff some carts. I looked up and saw nothing but the docks ahead of me. I hadn’t stopped that long… how has my sister gotten so far ahead of me? I caught her scent in the air and followed it around a heap of boxes.

I heard a scream that made my blood run cold… my sister! I rushed as quickly as I could towards the sound, almost tripping twice. I skidded to a stop and saw Bomby’s red and white body on the dock. Her back lay on the ground and her eyes were closed. For a moment, I thought she might be dead. I felt an adrenaline rush through my body as my tail thwacked behind me.

I carefully slid next to Bombalurina and saw her chest moving slowly  up and down … she was unconscious. I leaned my head close to her limp body and noticed a read liquid running down the right side of her face. My body froze as I realized it was blood.
I heard breathing behind me and slowly turned around. A large red tom with sunken eyes and uncombed fur stood in front of me. His sharp black claws were unsheathed and his eyes were dark and cold. My fur raised on my head and back as I felt tremors run through me.

“Who…who…” I whispered, trying not to let fear get the best of me.
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