“Who’s there? A voice hissed.


“Munkustrap?” A black and white tom slid out of the hole, staring at the tabby. “Munkustrap! Thank Heavyside! We were so worried about you, especially Tugger.” At these last words, the patched tom gave a small chuckle.

Mucus smiled then turned to me. “Demeter, Bombalurina, this is Alonzo.” Alonzo’s brown eyes looked curiously at me, then at my sister.

I turned to look at the tabby, who was watching Alonzo’s expression. Then, Munkustrap let the way trough the hole. On the other side, there was a huge clearing with more junk piled up around it. I clutched Bombalurina’s paw as we walked over to a group of cats.

“Bombalurina, Demeter, this is Jennyanydots, Jemima, Etcetera, Electra, and Jellylourm.” Munkustrap said, pointing to each cat ashe spoke their name. The Jellicles smiled at my sister and me.

The cat Munkus had called Jennyanydots stood up and exclaimed, “Munkustrap! Really, you should have brought these kittens to me sooner! Look at them…covered in scratches and so thin!” Jenny smiled at me…she was an older queen with tiger stripes and leopard spots. Her orange, brown, and white fur was well-combed. “Come here, dears. Let’s get you cleaned up and fed.”

I glanced up at Munkustrap. He gave a small nod and extended his midnight-black paws to me. I grasped his arms and followed Jennyanydots, shaking slightly. Bombalurina watched Munkustrap carefully as she walked, distrust in her chocolate eyes.

The tabby led us into a large cement pipe, where Jenny was waiting. The walls and floor had been covered with pieces of blue rug. I stretched up on my toes and saw two large cans. I thought I could see something in them, but the elderly queen was blocking my view. Munkustrap led me over to a forest-green blanket, where I gratefully lay down. My sister sat on the dirty white blanket next to me. Munkustrap slid over to Jennyanydots. I stared around the pipe. It was actually fairly comfortable. There was a small hole in the top through which a beam of golden light shone.

“Demeter.” My eyes focused on Jenny, who was carrying one of the large cans. I edged back against the wall, wondering what she was going to do. “I’m going to clean your fur, that’s all. Don’t worry, dear. It will sting a little, but it will help your wounds heal.” I stared at her brownish-orange paw as she took a dark red rag, dipped it in the can, and brought it out, dripping with some kind of liquid. Her paw moved towards me and I flinched.

“Munkustrap?” Jenny whispered. The tabby slid next to me and gently stroked my arm.

“It will be all right. I promise.” I gazed into Munkustrap’s sapphire eyes and knew I didn’t have to worry. I let my body relax and Jennyanydots began to gently rub my side with the cloth. The wounds did sting, but it wasn’t too bad. Before I knew it, she had finished.

Munkustrap stayed next to me, telling me about the other Jellicles, as Jenny cleaned my sister’s scratches. It was nice to finally have someone to talk to…especially after those three days of absolute loneliness. I began to doze off and would have fallen asleep, but Jenny’s voice brought me back to the real world.
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By Demetrix

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