Part 10
I was running, trying desperately to escape Macavity. My muscles ached and my lungs burned. Running…running…running…always running… No, he was too fast…NO! DON’T TAKE ME!

Run, trip, fall, dirt against my face. A voice above me… “You cannot escape me. I said you would be mine and you are mine.” No! NO! LET ME GO! LET ME GO!

Arms around me, gabbing me, shaking me, cutting my flesh. “Demeter!” Fighting…struggling…”Demeter!”

“No! NO! I won’t let you take me!”



Part 11
I jerked awake, sweat covering my body.

“Are you alright?” I saw two familiar sapphire eyes above me, filled with concern and worry.

“I…I…I think so…what happened? Where are we? Where’s Bombalurina?”

“This is my den. Your sister is over there,” Munkustrap replied, pointing to a spot several feet to my left.  “I carried you to my den, since it is closer than the Junkyard. You fell asleep while we were traveling. I decided to stay next to you during the night since you seemed…” The tabby hesitated, then continued., “ …frightened. I awoke when I felt you jerk. You kept talking about not letting someone take you. I guessed it was a nightmare, so I woke you up.”

I listened carefully to the tabby, shivering when he mentioned the dream…it had seemed so real… Tears filled my eyes again as I tried not to think about Macavity.

“do you want to tell me what the nightmare was about?” My mind raced… should I tell him? Should I trust Munkustrap? Part of me said no, but this tabby…this tom…there was something special about him…

I took a deep breath and said, “I was running…trying to get away from Macavity…he got me…said I’d always be his…” I began shaking with fear, tears falling out of  my eyes.

For a minute the tabby’s usually bright eyes grew hard. “Macavity,” he growled.

“Do you know him?”

“I’ve heard stories about him…terrible stories. But I have never actually seen him.” His eyes looked at the den walls for a moment, then turned back to me. They had regained their usual liveliness.

Munkustrap slowly reached out a paw and stroked my cheek. I stared up at this tom…this tom who had made me feel different than I ever had before…the only kind tom I knew. Before I knew what I was doing, I began telling him about all my experiences with Macavity. By the time I finished, I was sobbing with my head buried in Munkustrap’s thick shoulder fur, the tabby’s arms around me.

“The worst thing is thinking what if…what if…what if he finds a way to take me back…” my entire body shook as I struggled to breath through my sobs.
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