Part 6
“Now, listen to me, kitten!” Stalker snarled. “You will fight.”

I cowered at the head henchrat’s legs, glancing up at the black rat I was supposed to fight for “practice.” He was at least two times bigger than me…I would have no chance at all.


I was shaking with fear, but clenched my teeth and whispered, “There’s no way I can beat him…he’s to large.”

Stalker laughed evilly. “Are you afraid of getting hurt, kitten?” he sneered.

I didn’t reply. “Answer me, kitten!” the rat leader demanded. Still, I remained silent.

“Rascal, fetch Macavity!” The young rat bowed and rushed our of the training room. I closed my eyes, trying not to think about what my punishment would be this time…attempting to ignore the jeers of the rats.

The Hidden Paw walked slowly into the room, his eyes colder than ever. All of the henchrats, except stalker, bowed to him.

“What is it, Stalker?” Macavity hissed.

“Sir, this…this kitten is being very disobedient…” I began shaking uncontrollable as the lead rat explained what had happened to Mac. I could almost feel the Hidden Paw’s anger and evilness.

Macavity grabbed my arms and dragged me to his den. It was the size of my cell, but there were blankets and it was warm. The red tome threw me onto the ground. I closed my eyes, dreading his next move. The familiar feel of his long, sharp claws entered my side. The searing pain caused me to scream. Suddenly, Macavity’s claws withdrew. I slowly opened my eyes…the Napoleon of crime was staring at me. Then an evil smile crept across his lips.

Macavity grabbed my arms again and dragged me over to a cell I had never seen before. He slowly opened the door. The smell of mold came from with in. Without saying anything, Macavity pulled me towards the door. The tall tome ran one of his paws along my cheek, then threw me into the cell and slammed the door shut.

It was completely dark inside. I let my eyes adjust…still, I could barely see. I made out the shape of the door and rushed to it, digging my claws into it and ramming my body against it only way to get out.

It didn’t do any good. The damp smell was even stronger now. I thought I heard something…but no, nothing else was in the cell. I curled up into a ball and fell asleep, covered in burses and wounds.

Part 7
I stayed in that cell for three days…three days of no food, no water, no light, no anything. It was complete solitude…more terrible than anything I have ever experienced. Oh, wounds and bruises hurt horribly, but being completely alone is like being dread, only worse.

I hoped I could escape soon…or die…either would be better than what I was enduring.
Part 8

By Demetrix

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