Part 4
“So, kitten, do you think you can do this?”

“Do what?”

“You see the bag full of food outside that door?” I nodded. “Take it.”

“But…but…that’s stealing!”

“Of course it is.”

“But…stealing is wrong!”

“After all the lessons and punishment you’ve had, you should know better than to go against my orders. Now do it!”

I tried to resist him, but nearby henchrat grabbed my arms and pushed me to the door…
Part 5
Stealing is wrong…even thought I was force to do it, I always felt horrible.

No one ever used my name. I was “kitten” to everyone…everyone but Macavity. Mac did occasionally call me “kitten,” but he usually used “Demeter,” Demy,” or “my dear.”

I often thought I was going crazy…no one but Macavity and his dark, evil henchrats to talk to. Crying myself to sleep every night…not remembering there was a time when I hadn’t been with Macavity…forgetting what my sister looked like…trying to remind myself that there were good, kind cats out there…

The worst thing was the fear. Ever since I first saw that red tom, I was filled with fright. Even if I did manage to escape, I’d always have fear. My fear sometimes felt like a mask, imprisoning my real self, forcing me to constantly be on guard, always being troubled.

Perhaps the worst thing that happened, so far, occurred a moth ago…
Parts 6 &7

By Demetrix

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