I glanced up through my tear-filled eyes and saw they blurred image of Munkustrap. He leaned down and gently licked my tears off my face. Then, he took my orange paws in his. “I promise you, Demeter, that I will always be there for you and I will always protect you. Macavity will have to kill me if he wants you back.”

I stared at the tabby, amazed at his confidence and kindness. “Than…thank you,” I whispered. Munkustrap nodded.

“We’d better try and get some sleep. Goodnight, Demeter.”

“Goodnight, Munkustrap.” I lay down on the blankets Munkustrap had given me and curled up into a ball. I felt the tabby’s soft fur rub against my own as he slid down next to me. His paw gently rubbed the back of my ears as I fell asleep.

Part 12
I woke up and stretched. A dim light filled the den, making it easier to see. I was lying on several black & white blankets with Bombalurina on my left and Munkustrap on my right. Both cats were still asleep. I sat up, carefully not to disturb the tabby. Something hit my let and I jumped, only to find it was Munkus’ tail slowly sweeping from side to side. The tabby’s blue eyes opened and he stretched.

“Good morning, Demeter.”

“good morning.” Munkustrap sat up and began washing his fur. I watched him for a minute, then decided to clean my own.

After several minutes, Munkustrap spoke. “Are you hungry?”

Hungry…food! I hadn’t eaten in three days. Hunger was something I had gotten used to living with… “Yes, I replied.

The tabby turned around and, after a few minutes, handed a bowl to me. I took the dish and looked inside. I saw a thick, white liquid. I cautiously licked it…it was delicious. I drank the rest quickly and then washed my face. I gazed up to see Munkustrap watching me, a small smile on his lips.

“What was that? It was good.”

“It was cream.” Silence filled the den…I had to break it. Now, then I had someone to talk to, I couldn’t think of anything to say!

“Are…are we going to the Junkyard today?”

Munkustrap nodded.

“What is it like?”

The tabby wrapped his arms around my legs, his tail occasionally twitching at his side. “There are more than twenty cast and kittens. Most of them are nice, but some have a habit of getting into trouble. Every cat has their own personality…by brother tends to flirt with all the queens, Jennyanydots and Jellylourm are motherly, and Pouncival, Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer tend to make mischief.”

“You have a brother?”

Munkustrap nodded, rather reluctantly. “His name is rum Tum Tugger. You would never suspect we were brothers. He has leopard spots on his arms and chest and a large mane. He also has a completely different personality than me. He loves fooling around and flirting.” The tabby sighed and I get the impression he didn’t care much for Rum Tum Tugger.
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