"Classic" Nickelodeon

The first network for kids.
Back in the early days of Nickelodeon it was the coolest channel around. Today's Nick is nothing like what the original channel use to be like. In fact
I'm sorry to say that the Nickelodeon of today is a very sad
shadow of what they once were.

Live action TV shows ruled the airwaves with such shows as
The Tomorrow People, The Third Eye, Pinwheel and many more fun and informative programs. Check out these link and see if you remember any of these shows!
You Can't Do That On Television

Today's Special

The Adventures of Black Beauty

Classic Nick Message Board

Classic Nick Homepage

Old Nick Shows

Danger Mouse

The Unofficial Alasdair Gillis
Classic Nick Fans

Kid's Writes

Nick Rocks

Matt & Jenny

Big Apple Birthday

The Righteous Apples

Sience International
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