My CATS Christmas Tree
I have been saying for a long time that I wanted to do a CATS Christmas tree but I just never seemed to get around too it until last year. Everything on my tree has something to do with CATS.

The silver garland is/are the streamers from the “Mr. Mistoffelees” number and Bustopher Jones’ flower, both are from the April 5-7, 2004 performance of CATS in Amarillo, Texas.
There are CATS key chains, cut outs of ‘junk’, cans of cat food, lapel pins and buttons, a CATS temporary tattoo, Rumpleteazer’s pearls, small balls of yarn, fish skeletons made out of foam board and craft foam, random cat ornaments, a mouse that my mother made for me and a feeble attempt at a Jellicle Tire made out of craft foam. *lol*

And this year I am adding four (4) new ordainments made for me by Victoria the White Cat. Right now I only have pictures of two of them but I will get some pictures of the others and post them later.

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