August 4, 2006
This morning I had THE coolest dream! I walking into what looked like a bathroom with out a door, there was only a curtain for a door. Well as I approached the doorway the curtain flapped and I saw a guy in the most beautiful Mr. Mistoffelees costume and full makeup lying on his stomach, facing the door and reading a book.

I started to walk in and when I saw him I said, “Oh I’m sorry.”

He said, “No you’re fine come on in, you won’t bother me.”

So I walked in and knelled down to gather my things from under the cabinet and I believe there was another girl in there doing the same thing. Someone asked where we would be going next and Misto said, “Oklahoma City.”

I was like, “What? We’re going to the city??? Oh my gosh I have to call my Mom!”

Apparently I had called my Mom b/c the scene changed and I was hugging her at the show.

So what was the deal? I WAS IN CATS!!! Yea talk about an awesome dream!!!
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