April 6, 2004
Wow it’s been a while since I’ve dreamed about CATS! Well I had this dream while my Mom and I were in Amarillo to see the show live.

I was at Sonic and when I looked over like across the street I saw the huge CATS semi truck with the CATS logo, the Troika logo and the huge picture from the of the video on the side. It was soooo cool.

April 19, 2004
In this dream I was running around with someone who was wearing a Broadway Bombalurina costume. We were outside and I remember that we were walking around a fence, like around a pool or something.

Then the scene changed. And I was inside a small gym with a group of people. On the small stage was CATS. To the left were the exit doors and to the right was the Jellicle Tire. Everyone was leaving but I was there in costume (of course) and someone else was in costume too.

We went up towards the stage and since there wasn’t an orchestra pit, or traditional type seating, we were able to get pretty close. We kinda sat on the floor and acted like Jellicles. Then the cast gave us a kinda encore and they started singing and dancing for us. It was awesome.

April 21, 2004
For some reason I was with my ex-husband Brian and we were in some kind of Broadway shop. Not in New York but somewhere. It was spit level with two or three stairs going up to the next ‘floor’ and to the left was a rack with all kinds of old Playbills. Then my Mom was with me and we were looking threw a display and we were finding all kinds of CATS stuff.

Watches, thimbles, mini CDs, all kinds of stuff. And the logos were a gold background instead of black. They were all very cool.
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