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This page is ostensibly for my story Orc-brat, which can be found on ff.net. Yay, a Lord of the Rings fanfic with no canon characters! Actually, it's a place for me to show off the cool artwork created for it by the brilliant Miscreant K. Isn't she brilliant, folks? Eventually I want to make a website showcasing all of her stuff. Contact her at gottalovethosewickedgrins @ hotmail . com and encourage her to build her portfolio. Seeing as she's, you know? BRILLIANT.

Maevyn is only nine years old when her village is destroyed and family slaughtered by a band of Orcs. The Orc Grushak takes her with him as his personal captive, planning to amuse himself with her torment and murder, but a vengeful Maevyn has sworn to see him dead first.

Maevyn's head and shoulders. (Because it feels weird to talk about a nine-year-old's bust.) This is the first piece of art K ever sent me, back in January of 2004. I thought it was amazing. I didn't know what she was capable of yet! It certainly beats anything I could do in terms of shading or realistic physiognomy...and wow, the look in Maevyn's eyes....

Maevyn with a knife. The first drawing K ever did of Maevyn. She also calls it "Eww bad" and it is somewhat cruder than her other efforts: amazing the difference a year or two can make! In this picture Maevyn is anxiously but determinedly approaching her home, clutching her dead brother's knife.


Eleluleniel is the soft-spoken Elf girl who initially takes Maevyn under her wing. "Squeaker," as the Orcs call her, has been in their company for some three months and is intimately acquainted with their cruelty. Damaged and desperate beneath her veneer of Elven self-possession, Leni's dependence on Maevyn quickly outstrips Maevyn's reliance on her.

Eleluleniel standing. Leni prior to her time among the Orcs. A rather faint scan cannot negate the loveliness of this image. For those who want to know, Leni is thirty-three, the Elven equivalent of about 13 - in a way she's not much older than Maevyn, but she comes off as more mature due to being Elf and what she has endured.

The Comfort of Maevyn. This is a beautiful picture of Leni comforting Maevyn, that first night. K snail-mailed me the original and I wish I could show it to people physically as this scan does not fully do it justice. The linework is excellent, right down to the crosshatching on Maevyn's poor hurt elbow. I love this picture.

And now to a subject dear to both K's heart and mine: the sacred, the sublime subject of Orcs. There are ten in Bragdagash's band, and while they are all quite Orkish - dangerous, cruel and prone to violence - they are also all different on an individual basis. K says she plans to do busts of all ten of the lads - an intimidating prospect. I look forward to what she comes up with, and will make a blurb for each Orc as I receive artwork for him. Meanwhile, in order of height:

Bragdagash is leader of the band due to superior size and strength, though it helps that he is not stupid and is fairly affable: "Not always mutually inclusive properties, those, in either an Orc or a boss "(Chapter 11.) His leadership style is fairly hands off, but he kicks ass and takes names when necessary.

Bragdagash considering. Ah, the furrowed brow, the narrowed eyes. Braggy's clearly turning something over in his head. K says she was going for a somewhat nobler look to Bragdagash than the other Orcs. I think it works.


Hrahragh is a recent addition to the band and hails from southern lands - hence his broken manner of speech. His "intelligence, though, was above average...his sense of humor...as sharp as the throwing knives that were his favored choice of weapon" (Chapter 6.) A lot of people seem to really like him for some reason.

Hrahragh's profile. His nickname should be 'Lord of the Rings.' [rimshot] I am terribly impressed by this picture. Dude! Chain mail!


Mushog has been summed up as "very loud and a braggart" (Chapter 7.) This is an understatement. What to say about Mushog? He's crude. He's lewd. He tells stupid jokes and considers himself immensely well-endowed. He is what some unkind souls might call "a typical guy."

Mushog leering. Most Orcs do this a lot, but 'Shog is a definite pro. Depicted with entirely too much enthusiasm by K, who calls him her favorite character. There is no accounting for taste.


Kurbag is half Uruk, half regular Orc. He is unusual among both breeds in his "strong capacity for aesthetic appreciation" (Chapter 8.) Kurbag is Leni's keeper - the Orc who captured her and is the chief source of her suffering - yet he seems to have a strange affection for the Elf girl, which has not gone unnoticed by his comrades....

Kurbag gazing. I have special affection for K-Bag's nose in this picture. His nose and his eye. His hair too. I must say, when Orcs and Uruk-hai breed together they produce good-looking spawn. (Supposedly K "totally BS'ed that armour." I wish I could produce her brand of BS.)







Other contributors

The section for...other contributors.

BondageOrc maintains the Orcgasm website and has spawned much of Orkish delight on the world wide web. She is to blame for such varied efforts as "Lurtz In Love" and SEXY BEAST ("the world's only internet shrine to Lurtz, the most useless Uruk-hai!") AND she's a great artist. You can contact her at bondageorc @ yahoo . com.

Angry Hrahragh. 'Cuz chicks dig chainmail. Man, this is a gorgeous picture. I love how the smoldering background compliments his, um, smoldering eyes.


~added 1-11-6~ Angela Tran is an art student and up-and-coming professional of the trade. Yeah. If I can inveigle more information out of her, I will. You can contact her at blueazule @ juno . com.

~added 1-11-6~ Sad Eleluleniel. Looking at this picture makes me feel wretched...in this case, that's a compliment. Leni just looks so sad here, it makes my heart ache.


~added 4-21-8~ Virvatuli is an excellent artist and writer of Orkish hilarity, and I feel ridiculously lucky to be able to see her stuff.

~added 4-21-8~ Doomcock for the Masses. Grushak is irritating Nazluk. "Touch it, friend. You know you wanna." MATURE.


The Lauderdale is the author of Orc-brat and is currently writing about herself in the third person. You can contact her at cartoon6 @ hotmail . com.

Eleluleniel icon. I saved K's drawing of Leni funky by accident and liked the effect it lent the eyes, so I made this icon. Yup.

Nazluk icon. For all your scowling needs, just ask Naz. I cropped a photo of an Orc I like and fiddled with the eyes.

~added 6-28-6~ Otherworldly Eleluleniel. I drew this a long time ago for K, who was nice enough to scan it for me. She looks stoned though. (Leni, not K.)

~added 4-21-8~ Mushog on Second Life. Yes, I made an SL avatar of Mushog. It's pretty flawed (David Bowie hair, pink nipples) but he does have a huge package.

~added 7-3-6~ Oddball Stuff

The section for anything that didn't really fit in the two categories above. This includes links to the stories themselves and other odds and ends that seem in some way pertinent.

Orc-brat - hosted on ff.net. Responses to ff.net reader reviews here.

A short script for an OB trailer - written for the Henneth Annun website.

Treed - hosted on ff.net. Responses to ff.net reader reviews here.

"Navaer Amar Velui" - the song Kurbag hears Leni sing in Chapter III of Treed.

Two Stupid Orcs - a drawing by Miscreant K of herself (goblin, left) and Lauderdale (snaga, right.)

Middle-earth is copyright Tolkien, Orc-brat and characters are copyright The Lauderdale, and All Artwork On This Page Is Copyright The Artists Credited.

Constructive criticism is much appreciated - but, if you must flame, flame to amuse the Orcs.
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