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A little info about me
    My name is Coleen, I have 1 daughter, who is the light of my life, I also have 1 spoiled pug, named Dozer.

     I collect teddy bears, love to read and crochet, I also love auto racing.
   This is my daughter Lena

I Love You, Lena
I love you too Dozer
My daughter's Memorial Page
    In memory of my daughter, Lena who was killed on August 1, 1999, in a auto accident due to Road Rage.
     There are links to support groups, poems and letters from her family and friends, and the information on the trial and it's out come.

     Click on Lena's picture to go to her page.
WOSIB Creator's Garden Group
    This is a fun group and a fun way to learn more about creating graphics, from beginners to advanced.
     A Special Thank You to all the very talented people who take the time to share with us.
    Click on the image below to view my finished assignments.
Quilting Ladies Quilt Group
    This is a fun group where we create and share quilt squares.

     Please click on the image below to view my Quilt Squares.
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Cute Card of the Day from AngelEyes
Reflection for Today from AngelEyes
Applet of the Week from AngelEyes
Snow Globe of the Week from AngelEyes
Send someone a Card or Snow Globe just to let them know you are thinking of them.  You will find the links below.  Remember it's always nice to hear from your family and friends...........

Just click on the image you would like to send.
My Tribute to Dale Earnhardt
    This is my tribute to Dale Earnhardt, one of nascar's greatest drivers.  There are a few poems on this page, written by different people.
     Click on the Ribbon below to go to this page.
Thank You Angel Yellow Rose
for the Friendship Hearts
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