Tarascon Pyrenean Mountain Dogs
Tarascon Beau Reveur




Called: Seamus
Date of Birth 5April 2001
Sire: Despreaux Puff Daddy( Imp Aust)
Dam: Ch Tarascon Mistique
Personality Traits:I live with a Boxer so really that is what I have become. I am not as crazy as a Boxer though. I love to go to my original home and see my brother and other relations. When I was just a baby I was a real hit at the Open Shows and was Baby Puppy of Group twice and Baby Puppy in Show too. My mother (Tonya) takes me to the beach everyday and I love it.


See I can play Boxer games

Martin is my friend

At the airport.

Wasn't I a cute baby


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Great Grandparents

Great Great Grandparents

Shanlimore Delect Able of Kington (UK)

Eng Ch Venkersh Highland Warlord of Burvaler (UK)

Despreaux Nicholas

Eng Ch Shanlimore Aderlina (UK)

Despreaux Sweet Bryar

Ventisquero Northern Star (Imp Can)

Despreaux Puff Daddy (Imp Aust)

Despreaux Chanaie

Aust Ch Pyrwest Destiny De Despreaux(Imp Can)

Ch Eternal Spirit De Pastoure (Can)

Despreaux Carbon Copyl

Fleur Ruiseau De Pastoure (Can)

Shatadoe Amber Lass

Despreaux Ice Capade

Aust Ch Atuba Chloe Juliette

NZ Ch Despreaux Cheverny (Imp Aust)

Aust Ch Despreaux Navarre

Ch Ariege Arlaten

Aust Ch Despreaux Charday

Ch Roussillon Colombine

Ch Beau Regarde D'Argelles

Ch Tarascon Mistique

Ch Tamaryn of Pyrendale

Ordesa Sir Carlos

NZ Ch Andorra San Javier

Ch Tarascon Dame Luthien

Ordesa Panda

Ch Isaba of Pyrendale

Beau Jason of Pyrendale

Anita of Pyrendale

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