Pyrenean Mountain Dogs

  CH Tarascon Mistique




Name: Misty
Date of Birth: 6 January 1996
Sire: Ch Ariege Arlaten
Dam: Ch Tarascon Dame Luthien
Favorite Time: Playing with my family
Best Friend: Everyone
Personality Traits: Wants to be top dog. Very bossy to the other dogs and will herd dogs into crates if they are not behaving as she thinks fit. Put in her place often but still full of the joys of life. Very rarely photographed as she very rarely has all four feet on the ground

1998 in the snow

In Blueskin Bay 1997

At the groynes

Misty and Yoda 1998



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Great Grandparents

Great Grandparents

Ch Despreaux Navarre

Ventisquero Northern Star (Imp Can)

NZ Ch Despreaux Cheverny (Imp Aust)

Despreaux Chanaie

Aust Ch Despreaux Charday

Aust Ch Despreaux The Falcon

Ch Ariege Arlaten

Despreaux the Ruffian

Ch Beau Regarde D'Argelles

NZ Ch Awton Premier Beau Superb (Imp UK)

Ch Roussillon Colombine

NZ Ch Notsuoh Cassiopeia of Carabrae (Imp UK)

Ch Tamaryn of Pyrendale

Ordesa Bogart

Ch Belle Amie D'Argelles

NZ Ch Andorra San Javier

Aust Ch Andorra El Chasseur

Ordesa Sir Carlos

Andorra Tarina

Ordesa Panda

Ch Andorra El Picarillo

Ch Tarascon Dame Luthien 

Ordesa Marie

Beau Jason of Pyrendale

Ordesa Bogart

Ch Isaba of Pyrendale

Ch Belle Amie D'Argelles

Anita of Pyrendale

Aust Ch Andorra El Chasseur

Belle Dame D'Argelles

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